I have been in the skin care industry for 15 years and have seen many products and techniques come and go. That being said I have always pursued this market with skepticism. I have sat through many hours of lectures on theory but I need to see to believe! I am so happy I have found Oxylight! This machine gave us” the edge” that we have been looking for!

As a treatment this is an amazing experience that our patients love! As far as results this piece of equipment is set apart from just any facial. Our patients are telling their friends and looking forward to getting their next appointment. By the third treatment I find myself saying, “WOW! Your skin really looks great!

I love their reaction when they stand up and look in the mirror and are as equally shocked!! Oxylight has changed our skin care practice and my future as a skin care provider!

Also we have been able to offer earlier post op services to our surgery clients after their surgery to expedite the healing and take advantage of their recovery time. Never before we offered such services to not only facial surgery patients but breast and tummy tuck clients as well! So happy to have found our niche!!!

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