Now available through Raja Medical®, Sapphire 3® Abrasion 200 offers the finest method of skin refinement available today. Thanks in part to the advances in light technologies, Sapphire® Abrasion has the versatility to deliver dramatic improvements in appearance to those discerning individuals looking to put their best face forward. Manufactured by industry-leading Swiss corporation, Sapphire Abrasion delivers the results of over 30 years of proven product development and experience with every use.

As the aesthetics industry continues to expand at an ever-increasing rate, there has never been a more opportune time to put Sapphire® Abrasion to work for you in increasing profits, expanding client base, as well as with solidifying customer satisfaction.

See for yourself why men and women of all ages are benefiting from the Sapphire® Abrasion method of skin rejuvenation.



  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Enlarged/clogged pores
  • Anti-aging
  • Acne
  • Hyperpigmentation

While Sapphire 3® Abrastim is effective under most circumstances as a stand-alone application, it can be used in conjunction with other treatments and services as well, giving your business an increased depth of offerings, and enhanced revenue stream.

Sapphire 3 Abrasion features a sophisticated computer-driven interface, delivering uncompromising precision aswell as unprecedented versatility.


THE ABRASTIM OFFERS A SAPPHIRE 3® ABRASION Named after the Sapphire granules that make up its unique tip, this crystal and suction-free, abrasion technique vibrates while it slowly passes across the skins surface to painlessly ablate the outermost surface layer of the skin. The Abrastim not only offers a superior dry abrasion for todays market but also provides the option of a wet abrasion. A Sapphire abrasion results in an immediate improvement in the skins texture, tone and appearance, leaving the skin more receptive to any pursuing therapy.


The Sapphire Abrasion process employs a sapphire head utilizing vibrating movement with a wider range of grit, fine 100, med 70, course 50, allowing for a deeper, more thorough exfoliation. In addition, its versatility allows it to be used safely on all skin types.


The function of lymphatic system is to clear toxins, metals, in-organic substances and other waste, which cannot be removed by any other means from our tissue and cells. The lymphatic system has no pump; it is dependent upon muscle contractions (stimulation), and deep breathing to drain properly. Sapphire 3’s unique Lymphatic Drainage feature, speeds up the removal of waste, while it detoxifies and regenerates new tissue an cells, that helps to maintain a healthy immune system. Lymphatic drainage enhances your overall health, and can therefore also help to ensure maximum results from other anti-aging procedures in the minimum amount of time.