Madonna’s $600 Facial With Her New MDNA Skincare Line

MDNA Skin facial treatment with oxylight at the PFRANKMD Skin Salon in New York City

Who Tried It: Gillian Telling, Senior Editor, Scoop

Why We Tried It: When we heard Madonna was launching her first skincare line, MDNA Skin, in collaboration with MTG, a super high end Japanese beauty company that uses cutting edge skincare technology, we were sold on trying it. When we heard that the products strictly use the waters from the world-renowned Italian Montecatini spa, we were doubly sold. And then personally, as I am the mom of two young boys with a full time job who doesn’t get much me-time, when beauty editor Jillian Ruffo approached me and asked if I’d like to have a fancy facial I screamed “YES!” at the poor girl before she could even finish her sentence. When she said told me it was Madonna’s new skincare line (I’ll get into my obsession with Madonna further down—get excited), I was just like, why are we even still talking about this. Book it.

Level of Difficulty: 0/10 To be fair, this treatment is cost-prohibitive for a lot of us (roughly $350-$600), so in that regard it is fairly difficult. But as far as the execution? How hard can it be to lie still for 90 minutes and get pampered in the exact same manner as one of the most famous women in the world? The only hard part was not falling asleep and embarrassing myself by snoring on camera. But this was truly one of the most delightful things I’ve ever done in my life. And I once got kissed on the cheek by Benedict Cumberbatch, so…

Before I get into the actual treatment, please allow me to humblebrag for a minute. I met Madonna. The day before my facial, she was introducing the product at an event and there were photo opps with her Royal Highness.


Skin facial treatment

Now, I’m not going to get into how I’ve loved Madonna and her music since I was 8 years old. I won’t talk about how I got a Madge tape for every single birthday or Christmas, how I know every lyric to every single song, how I’ve seen every single movie. How she was my idol because she was as hilarious and ballsy as she was talented. Ok fine, I did just get into it. Needless to say, I was nervous about meeting my hero. But she couldn’t have been warmer, or kinder. Or funnier. She smelled like roses and she gave me a high five and told me a funny story anecdote about the ’80s. And her skin? It was glorious.

The next morning, I was in the incredible hands of master aesthetician Edyta at PFRANKMD Skin Salon in New York, who does Madonna’s actual treatments. After she washed my face with the MDNA face wash, she used The Rose Mist, (a fave product of M’s) to tone and retain my skin’s moisture.

Then came the Chrome Clay Mask, along with the MDNA Eye Serum. Edyta explained how the mask removes impurities from the skin. The serum felt cool and creamy and like it knew how to do it’s job with tough, leathery skin like mine.

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Now the mask removal is where some of this crazy Japanese technology came into play. Because of the magnetic properties in the clay, the mask is removed with a Neodymium Magnet Head—which means it’s not scraped or washed off the skin, but rather pulled off the skin via a magnet that hovers above your face. It’s incredibly cool and feels awesome. (It also kind of looks like that old game where the bald guy had magnetic shavings around his head, and you use the wand to give him hair.)

Next, The Serum was applied to my face, and Edyta noted that it’s so lustrous that it can be used on any part of the body—M (I call her ‘M’ now since we’re cool like that)—uses it on her elbows and knees. The Skin Rejuvenator was used to permeate the serum into my skin, and then I had a manual massage, which is a combination of techniques Edyta learned in Europe, Asia and America. (If you’ve ever wondered what a thousand bouncing fairies on your face feels like, this is pretty much it—her fingers flew across my skin with a barely there tap-tap, stimulating blood flow. It was kind of the greatest feeling ever.)

Really, at this point, all I could think about was how I was doing exactly what real-life Madonna does on a regular basis. In the exact same chair, with the exact same facialist. I was living the life of Madonna! I essentially was her! And my kids were nowhere to be seen or heard, so the fact that they had drawn on the couch with markers again that morning was totally forgotten. THIS WAS THE LIFE. The life I was meant to lead!

And now back to my treatment. Soon I had a little more Rose Mist and Eye Serum applied, and Edyta then sprayed my face directly with pure oxygen to infuse the serum, which felt like a cold blast of fresh air to the face. Which is essentially what it is. Then I was treated to the Ultrasound with LED lights and a micro current stimulator, which was like a little vibrating wand run gently over my skin. She finished the treatment with The Eye Mask, and more LED lights with oxygen. And then, sadly, my 90s minutes were up.

Verdict: The bad news? This magnificent facial had to end sometime. When Edyta wrapped up, I could barely get my head off the table. But, outside of that cozy little room that smelled of plump skin and roses, real life was unfortunately calling. (Was I really about to get on the grody subway to go to the office after being treated like the Queen of Pop?!) I touched my face, and truly, it was like a velveteen baby’s butt. Looking in the mirror, there was such a noticeable difference. Everything was soft, supple, and bounced back when I touched it. If this was something I could spring for once a month, I would treat myself to it without question. But sadly I’m in that life phase of paying for babysitters and preschool and Brooklyn rent, and it’s just not in the cards. Still, if you can afford the products, I say do it. They WORK—and if it’s good enough for Madonna, whose skin is fantastic, then seriously, it’s good enough for all of us.


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