The Effect of Low-power Laser on the Murine Hair Growth


Phil Sang Chung, M.D.1, You Chan Kim, M.D.1,2, Min Sang Chung, B.S.1, Sang Oun Jung, PhD1, Chung Ku Ree, M.D.1

Medical Laser Research Center1, Department of Dermatology2, Dankook University, College of Medicine, Cheonan, Korea


  1. The mouse irradiated by the Leimo showed 30% increase in the hair growing speed.
  2. The region irradiated by the Leimo shows the hair growing speed and the density much higher than the region not irradiated by the LEIMO
  3. As a result of the observation of tissue sample for the cause analysis, it was found that the hair follicles was newly formed in the dermis irradiated by the LEIMO


The low-powered laser therapy is a therapeutic method to stimulate voluntary healing on the damaged somatic part by photobiomodulation using laser irradiation. Since the development of therapeutic laser systems for medical and cosmetic purposes in 1960s, the somatic effect of lowpowered laser irradiation on pain relief and wound healing has been proved. In addition, the lowpowered laser has effects of anti-inflammation, immunosuppression, vasodilatation, stimulated blood circulation and anti edema, which are collectively called biostimulation effect [1,2.] Biostimulative effect of low-powered laser is widely used in the various medical fields because of convenience of use, easy to approach, stability and non-invasiveness [1,2.] . Though the application of laser is expected to affect hair growth by biostimulation such as vasodilatation and stimulation of blood circulation, any literature relative to this effect is hard to get [3,4]. Therefore, this study intended to evidence the effect of low-powered laser treatment on hair growth of a mouse.


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