Skincare Excels with Two Multi-Modality Systems


Aesthetic practices seeking maximum skin and body treatments that are non-invasive with no patient downtime can take confidence in two multi-modality systems from RAJA Medical: Oxylight™ by Sapphire 3® and Juvesa™ ProSkin.

Capitalizing on advances in light and oxygen technologies, Oxylight features a panel of 12 oxygen spray nozzles that inject pure oxygen simultaneously with exposure to full-spectrum LED light (blue, yellow, red) to improve skin complexion for rejuvenation, acne, rosacea and antiaging treatments. The panel and light also expedite the healing process for postsurgical and laser procedures.

Easy to use with touchscreen controls, Oxylight is suitable for both face and body. A second modality is microcurrent and light that stimulates muscle toning, lymphatic flow and blood circulation.

Diamond abrasion with Oxylight allows for deep exfoliation, there is also an infusion jet sprayer for infusing vitamins and serums, as well as an aromatherapy mask for hydration and relaxation. Moreover, negative pressure allows for deep massage of the connective tissue and for stimulating flow of the lymphatic system.

“I am so happy I have found Oxylight,” said Tisha Camp, an Aesthetician for Scott Rotatori, M.D, a Plastic Surgeon from Orlando, Florida. “This device gives us ‘the edge’ we have been looking for.” We are particularly impressed that we can offer earlier postop services to our surgery clients to expedite healing. “Never before have we offered such services to not only our facial surgery patients, but to our breast and tummy tuck clients as well.”

Juvesa ProSkin is also having a positive impact on practices The highly diversified system has diamond photoabrasion that incorporates crystal-free microabrasion with full-spectrum LED light technology (again, red, yellow and blue). A multi- colored phototherapy panel treats antiaging, acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation. Pre/postsurgical and laser treatments also benefit from Juvesa ProSkin.

Lea Eigard, founder of Lea Advance Skincare in Beverly Hills, California, and author of the book “The Eigard Method: Lifetime Facial Fitness,” has combined her signature EMrx Red Carpet Treatment with both Juvesa ProSkin and Oxylight. “By working the muscles through biostimulation (microcurrent), I literally sculpt the muscles of the face,” Eigard explains. “It is a passive form of exercise that firms and tightens facial muscles.” And after a single treatment of Juvesa ProSkin, “the face appears younger and firmer,” says Eigard, who has been dubbed as the “Guru of the Glow” by two of her Hollywood A-list clients, Eva Longoria and Jessica Simpson.

Another enthusiast of Oxylight is Joanna Czech, a highly regarded esthetician based in Manhattan and Dallas. “My individualized facial treatments using Oxylight quickly became sought after by the city’s beauty elite,” Czech notes. Her loyal followers include Anna Wintour, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Kyra Sedgwick, Penelope Cruz, Laura Linney, Kim Cattrall, Christy Turlington, Trudie Styler and Sting.


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