Sapphire® Photo-Abrasion for Skin Rejuvenation Proves its Value


The Vitasonix® 300 system from Raja Medical® (West Palm Beach, Fla.) combines sapphire photo-abrasion, lymphatic drainage, red monochromatic light, blue light emitting diode (LED) therapy and microcurrent to achieve a unique skin rejuvenation effect.

“We follow the company’s recommended Sapphire 3® treatment protocol,” said Cristina Keusch, M.D., a plastic surgeon in private practice in Boca Raton, Fla. “The protocol is primarily part of our skincare regimen, similar to a facial. But because the Sapphire 3® also includes intense light, it is a much more comprehensive skin treatment. This therapy helps produce new collagen as part of rejuvenation.”

A single session of the Sapphire 3® lasts 45 minutes. “The patient is not necessarily aware that there are three steps,” Dr. Keusch explained. “We first perform Sapphire® exfoliation. Patients experience both dry and wet abrasion. The dry is with the red light, followed by the wet without light.” The lubricating, conducting gel which contains vitamins and Swiss herbs is an important component of the photo-abrasion process. “The company has different formulations, depending on skin type,” Dr. Keusch said. The treatment head also comes in three sizes.

Lymphatic drainage is the second stage. The third and final step is light treatment only – the red light followed by the blue light. The red light stimulates fibroblasts in the connective tissue, which produces collagen and promotes elasticity and firmness in the skin. Blue light induces photoexcitation of bacterial porphyrins, single oxygen production and subsequent bacterial distruction. In addition, throughout the entire process, the patient holds a microcurrent which aids in tightening tissue and muscle toning.

“At the beginning, we recommend that treatment be performed weekly until the skin is optimized,” Dr. Keusch said. “This normally entails four to six sessions. At that point, monthly treatments can be scheduled. I believe the Vitasonix®replaces the need for microdermabrasion. We’ve been ecstatic with the results. In fact, it has revolutionized the skincare component of my practice.”

The Sapphire® Abrastim is a new sapphire abrasion system from Raja Medical®, which is less expensive than the Vitasonix® 300 because it does not include the light therapy. However, the Abrastim still offers the option of a wet abrasion and lymphatic drainage, in addition to the standard dry abrasion.

“Patient acceptance of the Vitasonix is much higher than for our three other devices,” stated Dore Gilbert, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at the University of California, Irvine. “Once we introduced the system, 100% of my patients preferred the Sapphire 3 treatment over the other modalities. Patients feel they obtain a better result and like it over microdermabrasion. They also feel their skin looks better, longer. We also don’t have particles flying around the room, as we did with our other devices.”

Furthermore, “treatment is easy for the aestheticians,” said Dr. Gilbert, a dermatologist in private practice in Newport Beach, Calif. “We also follow the company’s protocol,” he noted. “Patients will experience a relaxing and unique lymphatic drainage that helps to detoxify and regenerate new tissue and cells, as well as produce a temporary tightening of the skin.” Dr. Gilbert normally recommends six sessions, spaced one month apart. “Treatment takes between 30 and 45 minutes. There is also no patient discomfort. Actually, it feels good.”

Dr. Gilbert’s office often uses the Vitasonix one week after intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment to remove lingering pigmentation. “The Vitasonix has been an excellent addition to our cosmetic practice,” Dr. Gilbert said.


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